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Wednesday March 25, 2009

The cake is not a lie!


Wish you were here.

The ASF is ten years old today!

Celebrating a Decade of Open Source Leadership

Exactly ten years ago, Roy Fielding signed the Certificate of Incorporation of The Apache Software Foundation.

As I'm writing this post, our chairman Jim Jagielski is giving the traditional "State of the Feather" talk at ApacheCon Europe 2009. Today, the ASF comprises nearly 300 individual Members and over 2,000 Committers collaborating across six continents - that makes our founders proud!

Our press team has collected some highlights of the last ten years, and they are impressive.

As part of its 10th Anniversary, the ASF will be highlighting various projects, initiatives, individuals, and organizations from the Apache community throughout the year. The Foundation's ongoing celebrations will culminate at ApacheCon US 2009, taking place 2-6 November 2009 in Oakland, California.

Please join us in congratulating all the people who make the ASF possible, and who played a role in getting it to where it is today. The ASF would go nowhere without the countless volunteers who are the backbone of the Foundation!

If you're at ApacheCon, join us for the anniversary cake tonight, during the welcome reception at 6:30PM. And even if you're not, help us spread the word! And let's get the comments counter up on this blog post!

Update 1: The cake has been served.

Update 2: Read the letter by Jim Jagielski, the ASF's current chairman, about the ASF's 10 year anniversary.

Update 3: Tune in Friday to watch the keynote panel by ASF founders this Friday, steamed live from ApacheCon Europe!

Not able to make it to ApacheCon Europe 2009?

Even if you can't make it to Amsterdam this week, you can still follow along with all of the fun activities regarding ApacheCon.

Follow along on Twitter by searching for '#apachecon'.

Although this was posted earlier on our ApacheCon blog (watch keynotes), we think the following list of free (as in beer, mmm beer!) talks are definitely worth tuning into:

The following select technical tracks will be available for a fee:


Monday March 23, 2009

ApacheCon Europe 2009 kicks off today

First (real) post!  Welcome to the official blog of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

This week, we are here at the Mövenpick Amsterdam City Centre hotel for ApacheCon Europe 2009.  Today, we've got the Hackathon and BarCampApache going on in addition to a number of training sessions.  Tonight, we have some MeetUps.  Tomorrow, the Hackathon and the trainings continue with yet another round of MeetUps in the evening.  Then on Wednesday, the main conference sessions begin.

We'll be reporting more from ApacheCon in the next few days - so stay tuned.

And, of course, if you're in the Amsterdam area, please stop by and say hello!



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